Here’s A Man Casually Pulling A 9-Foot Monster Out Of The Sewer And NOOOOPE

by 2 years ago

Here’s a man pulling a 9-foot sewer monster from a manhole cover in Tampa, Florida. As this cold front pounds the Northeast today with chilly temperatures plunging into the 20’s tonight I want to remind everyone that down South, even though temps are already in the mid-80s that warm weather comes with the threat of living in close proximity to legitimate sewer monsters.

If that Facebook video embed isn’t working properly for you, hopefully, this embed will:

Apparently, the alligator in this video was stuck in the sewer drain and that’s why the trapper was called in to remove it. The gator wasn’t actually bothering anyone, and it wasn’t euthanized, just relocated. This video was posted to Facebook on Monday, by a man named John Ruel who captioned it with ‘not something you see every day in the neighborhood’.

As someone who lives in the Sunshine State I can tell you from experience that YES, this is a very common occurrence. Most of us have alligators living in our backyard pools. Others keep them in their ponds to ward off the feral pigs. We all own pit bulls because they’re the only breed of dogs that alligators seem to be afraid of. This is just the state of things down in Florida. We’re slowly morphing into the ‘Australia of the United States’ and embracing our bat shit crazy ways.

True story: years ago I went to take a piss in H.S. and walked into the bathroom to find an alligator in there. That’s how up in our business these creatures are.


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