On Duty Florida Cop Arrested And Fired After Offering $20 For A Beej From An Undercover Deputy

You would like to believe that there is a common bond between you and your coworkers, despite genuinely hating most of them and rarely wanting to spend time with them outside of work. When you go to work, you kind of consider yourselves on the same team and that you will go to bat for each other (except John in accounting, that dude is a prick who can go fuck himself til he bleeds out). Well it appears that these Florida police departments are lacking synergy and teamwork.

Vintyre Finney was a member of the Boynton Beach Police Department. Well he was up until a fellow police officer fucked him, not literally much to Finney’s chagrin.

On October 17, Finney was on duty and in his police cruiser when he approached a prostitute.

“Whatcha looking for tonight?” the sex worker asked the officer.

Officer Finney propositioned the prostitute and offered her $20 for a BJ.

The prostitute was actually an undercover deputy from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.


The 32-year-old cop was arrested that day, put on administrative leave and this week he was fired from his job.

Like the nearby police department couldn’t be neighborly and called the surrounding PD’s the morning of the covert operations and say, “Ixnay on the rostitutepays because there are undercover eputiesdays today.”

If the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office had trust falls as an exercise to build teamwork, the cops would have had concussions because they let them fall down.