Floyd Mayweather’s Dad Attempted An Ambitious Dance Move At The Pre-Fight Party, Ends Poorly

If Jr. had half the stones Sr. does, we would have felt a little better about burning $100 on a fight that left everyone with blue balls. If I wanted to spend my paycheck on two people getting intimate, I would have renewed my Brazzers membership. But that’s a conversation for a different time.

You have to give a tip of the cap to Floyd Sr. here for not escaping backstage after that humiliating tumble. How he kept jigging and jiving after that is beyond me. Like dude, you tried, and you failed. Good try, good effort but it’s someone else’s turn now. I guess in situations like these, you just gotta keep bustin’ moves and hope that your son’s fight will be so impressive, that this doesn’t make news. But yaaaaa, about that.

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