Read These Comments From A Former Nuclear Missile Operator On Why Donald Trump’s Nuke Stance Is So Terrifying

Today, Joe Scarborough shocked almost the entire nation by revealing a story of how blithely Donald Trump considered using nuclear weapons, only the most destructive force known to mankind.

We were all sort of instantly appalled by it. Here was the Republican presidential candidate trying to grasp the easily understood idea of mutually assured destruction, during the middle of his campaign.

But you know who that really terrified? The people who might actually have to launch a nuke on the president’s orders.

John Noonan served as a Minuteman III launch officer in the Air Force’s Global Strike Command. His job was to launch nukes if an order from the president came.

He also served as a national security adviser to Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney during their presidential campaigns. Smart dude. Here’s what he had to say about Trump’s remarks.

Take of that what you will, but man, after what happened today, I would not want that job if he were in office.

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