Helicopters At The G20 Summit Accidentally Cause Blinding Dust Storm On Highway



With the G20 Summit taking place in Australia right now, the world’s leaders and their finest aircrafts are all descending upon Brisbane. These V-22 Ospreys caused quite the commotion however, when they attempted to land in a dusty field and created havoc.

The ensuing dust storm from the Ospreys trying to land is actually quite the sight to behold. And it likely wouldn’t have been such an issue had there not been a highway DIRECTLY NEXT TO where these helicopters created the zero visibility dust storm.

Several videos are leaking out of this crazy incident, and as of yet there is no news as to whether any drivers on the highway were injured. But for now, just watch this shit storm get kicked up and be amazed:


I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.


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