Genius Creates A ‘Jesus The Messiah’ Tinder Profile And Learns Quickly That Girls Want To Sex A Deity

by 1 year ago


Every dude on Tinder in and around the Boston area should just delete their account, unless they want to go toe-to-toe with the Messiah. We’ve been waiting for an encore performance from Jesus of Nazareth for over 2,000 years and we should have known the dude would make his comeback on Tinder, looking for some much needed sinning. God is good and all, but its kinda got to be a bit of a buzzkill being so virtuous all the time. Even Jesus isn’t immune to accruing a little dust on his D. Even Jesus needs some strange.

Some eCards

Some eCards

As if it even needs to be said, Jesus is racking up the matches and probably getting cockblocked by Judas as I type this.

Some eCards

Save some for the rest of us, Jesus. Aren’t you supposed to be selfless or some shit? Be better.

[h/t Some eCards]


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