George W. Bush Finally Addressed His COMPLETE Inability to Put On A Simple Rain Poncho

For me, the one and only true highlight of Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration was when #43 George W. Bush had a complete meltdown trying to put on a rain poncho.

It was such a pure Dubya move and people, naturally, ate it up.

So what exactly the hell was going on there, anyway?

Well, G-Dub hit up The Ellen Show today and being the wise woman than she is, Ellen brought it up.

“You had a little bit of a problem…the poncho was a problem. It seemed…I guess…had you put a poncho…there’s, there’s…have you put one on? Is that the first time?” asked Ellen.

“It looks like it!” Bush replied. “That’s for sure.”

Ellen then said it must run in the family because Dubya’s mom also had an issue…



Then she gave him a brand new poncho with helpful instructions to make sure it didn’t happen again…



Check out the whole hilarious things below…

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