This Creepy Photo Of A Family’s Fishing Trip Has People Convinced That Ghosts Are Real

Are ghosts real? This is a question you can ask 100 people and get 100 different answers. I’ve met scientists who believe in ghosts and I’ve met people like myself who think the existence of ghosts is complete bullshit. And even though I don’t believe ghosts are real I’m still the first to be freaked the fuck out when I’m staying in an old, creaky house and a door unexpectedly slams shut.

First, let’s look at the photograph which was shared by the teen’s mother on Facebook. You can see the teen in the backseat of a truck, and her brother putting away fishing equipment in the back of the truck. There’s also a fucking ghost standing right there, and if you can’t see it clearly I’ve zoomed in for you below:

People on Facebook are having a meltdown over this photograph which has already been shared several thousand times. Over on Unilad, they’ve grabbed a good screencap that shows how divided people are over this photograph:

family fishing trip ghost photo

Alright, bros, where do you stand on this? Is that a ghost in the photograph and their fishing trip was haunted? Or is it some fucked up reflection making things look weird? Or perhaps someone edited that person into the picture? Or are the trees/woods playing tricks?

Answers down below.

(h/t Unilad)

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