Bro Was Filming The London Underground At Night And Apparently Said Underground Is Pretty Haunted

Do I believe in ghosts? Let me put it this way: One time in college I’d had a little bit of a longer night than I normally do and I started talking to my friends about how, in all honesty, we can never be completely sure that there no chameleons in the room. My argument was that they can camouflage themselves to any surface. Their counter-argument was that chameleons can’t camouflage their eyes and we would totally notice a bunch of pairs of floating eyes. My counter-argument to their counter-argument was that we may only know they can’t camouflage their eyes because they’ve never done it in front of humans. Needless to say, I slept late the following day. But when I woke up, I had still convinced myself that I was the sole human believed the truth about chameleons. So yes, I do believe in ghosts. Because no one who believes that has any place not believing in ghosts.

Which is why this video of a ghost in the London Tube and explanation scares the fuck out of me.

Via Unilad:

“A passenger on the London Underground who entertained himself by filming the platform caught the ghostly apparition lurking in the tunnel before his train arrived. The short video was filmed at Knightsbridge station in west London by an unidentified man while he waited for the tube, The Mirror reports.

As he films the platform he turns round, spotting the spectre crouching just inside the mouth of the tunnel as it leans over the tracks before hiding behind the barriers.

There’s good reason to suspect that Knightsbridge may be haunted especially considering the number of grisly landmarks claimed to be in the area. The history website, says that back in the mid-seventeenth century a small plague pit is believed to have been used as a burial ground for those who died at the nearby Knightsbridge lazarhouse.

Meanwhile local legend purports that the track between Knightsbridge and South Kensington stations were built close to a 17th century burial pit for leprosy victims, which is why the track curves so aggressively to avoid the mass grave. Knightsbridge isn’t the only tube station rumoured to be haunted though; Bank, Liverpool Street, Aldgate and King’s Cross are all thought to have ghouls lurking about.”

Death pits? Has no one ever seen The Poltergeist? You never build on top of dead people. They don’t like that. Why do you think we donate fields to stick the dead in? Because we’re not allowed to build them. That’s ‘Don’t Disturb The Dead 101’.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Before you all go “That’s just some dude on the tracks”, maybe, but probably not. For one, it’s the middle of the night. For another, the dude essentially just walked out of the wall. And the what? Where does he go? Into the other wall? I guess maybe. That actually may make sense. But you know what else makes sense? Ghosts. I’m thinking the dude is totally some leper ghoul who’s pissed that 1) His dick rotted off and the government didn’t do anything about it and 2) That the same government built a fucking subway that goes directly over his new resting place. I’ve lived next to trains. It sucks. You can’t sleep and it smells like a mechanic’s b-hole 24/7. You can’t get any sleep living next to a train. That’s why London has all these ghosts running around. They can’t sleep. These guys are all just looking for a quiet place to lay their heads.