Watching This Hot Girl Eat A 28 Ounce Burger In Under 10 Minutes Will Give You The Most Confusing Erection Ever

We’ve covered 22-year-old certified hot chick Kate Ovens before and how she absolutely demolished 12 pancakes in under 10 minutes, but you know what? That video doesn’t even hold a candle to watching her beast down this burger. I mean forreal, look at this thing:

That’s three burger patties, three portions of pulled pork, bacon, plus fries and a strawberry milkshake: a lifetime’s worth of calories. And yet somehow, despite all her gluttony and what basically amounts to binge-eating, Kate still manages to look like this:

Kate is basically the “trick” within the phrase “Doctors hate this one trick that makes you skinny!” so make sure not to show her to your girlfriend; she’ll get pissed that she can’t even eat a walnut without gaining 25 pounds.

[H/T Unilad]