This Guy On A Go-Kart Apparently Did Something Decently Illegal And Led Police On A High-Speed Chase

I’m not here to support criminals. If you do the crime, do the time. That’s an age old adage that I totally agree with, no matter the context. If you’re a little kid who drops an f-bomb in school, principal’s office. If you’re a grown man who robs a bank, jail aka the principal’s office for adults. However, just because a dude’s a criminal doesn’t mean he can’t create a little fun content for all the people who aren’t criminals. Like this dude in California who led police on a high-speed chase with a go-kart.

Sure, I hate OJ and that whole Bronco situation pisses me off, but if it had been done with a go-kart, I might feel differently. It’s kind of like the idea that everything is funnier if everyone is naked. All crime is funnier when a go-kart is involved. I would, however,Β love to know what kind of crime he committed and where it was committed that a go-kart was his fastest means of escape. No word on if this guy got caught, but I hope not. Mostly because I am kind of holding out hope so I can always search the highways for a guy riding on a go-kart, clearly running away from someone.

[h/t Coed]