The Animal Revolution WILL Be Televised: Angry Gorilla Throws Branch At Zoo-Goers

Harambe died for our sins 276 days, one hour, and 21 minutes ago. Do you really believe that just because the MSM has buried the heartbreaking story just like his dead body that the animal kingdom has forgotten? You are sorely incorrect. The animal kingdom, especially gorillas, never forget. With the anniversary of the Almighty’s death fastly approaching, you can smell the uprising and the dung from the animals, but mostly you smell the excrement.

It appears that the news of Harambe’s death just arrived in Sweden and gorillas are outraged. A silverback flung a branch at zoo-goers at the Kolmarden Wildlife Park, Sweden. It’s a pretty impressive throw, a much better toss than anything the 4th and 5th starters for the New York Yankees can do. A zoo visitor catches the stick. There’s a souvenir for a lucky fan.

You know this was retribution for Harambe. This is just the beginning of the animal uprising, they’re just gearing up for May 28. It all starts with an ape hurling a stick, the next thing we know the is that the Statue of Liberty is buried on some beach and monkeys control the world.