This Great White Shark Blunt Is So Goddamn Magnificent It’s A Shame Someone Blazed it

Some blunts are so beautiful they deserve to be put in museums, and it seems like these days every single blunt that Instagram celeb @valleyrec420 rolls should be in The Louvre. Seriously, every blunt this guy rolls up is lightyears beyond any other blunt rolled in the history of blunts or rolling. This bro’s like the Hattori Hanzo (from Kill Bill) of blunt rolling.

Last week our own David Covucci brought you a full gallery of the best blunts ever rolled by @valleyrec420, and it hasn’t even been 7 days and this dude’s already dropped this Great White Shark blunt on us in honor of #SharkWeek.

Behold what blunt perfection looks like, let the magnificence of this man’s craftwork wash over you, inspiring you to become a better blunt roller:

Seriously, that Great White Shark (Shark Week inspired) blunt is so damn awesome it’s almost a shame that someone smoked it. It truly is a work of art.

And if you’re looking for an Imgur gallery of them all together, here you go:

Shark Blunt ValleyRec420


Make sure to check out our gallery from last week of all the greatest blunts @valleyrec420’s every rolled, and be sure to go follow him on Instagram by following the links above (also, make sure to GO FOLLOW @BROBIBLE ON INSTAGRAM)!

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