MASSIVE Great White Busts Into Diver’s Cage, Gets Stuck, Cuts Off The Oxygen Supply To The Diver (Video)

So this is actually an update to an article I posted last week. Earlier, I was only able to track down pictures and the story from this absolutely insane encounter in Guadalupe, Mexico but video of this incident has just surface. I’ve shared the video above and it’s ABSOLUTELY NUTS. And below I’ve left my original article intact, so you can read the first-hand account from the SCUBA diver on what it was like to be trapped by that freakishly large great white shark.


Diving with great white sharks is an exhilarating experience for any human no matter how many times they’ve done it. Being in the presence of such incredible size and power is humbling because you’re acutely aware of your mortality, and the fact that at any moment all hell can break loose. That’s precisely what happened during the ‘Bluewater Travel Guadalupe’ group dive in September when a BEHEMOTH great white shark barreled into one of the protective shark/diving cages and cut off one of the diver’s oxygen supplies in the process..The story below is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read in my entire life, so get ready to have your mind blown:

You can see the full image HERE on, but here’s what they had to say about this startling encounter:

Less than half way through the dive a female shark approximately 13 – 15 feet long approached Yann and he pushed her away from the cage. A few seconds later, the shark bit the air hose that supplies air from the surface to the divers in the cage, creating an explosion of air bubbles. Yann noticed an immediate loss of air flowing to his regulator, so he descended a few feet down to turn on the one-way valve from the surface supply hose so that the hookah system would not lose pressure. This was done so quickly that neither David, Katie B., nor I experienced a loss of air. While Yann was turning on the valve, the shark swam vertically down into the balcony of the cage, made a sharp turn, and swam right through the bars of the cage. She thrashed around for several seconds and in the process got further lodged into the bars of the cage.
After about 30 seconds, Katie B. was able to descend down the ladder to the lower part of the cage to join David and me. We stood, gripping the cage in an attempt to stay upright while the cage circled back and forth and at one point was at a 45-degree angle due to the shark’s thrashing. Yann’s regulator had been knocked out of his mouth by the shark, so he retreated to the surface to catch a breath of air and to tell the crew to bring up the cage. I turned on my GoPro just in time to capture the largest shark we had seen, Air Demon AKA “Big Mama,” swimming vertically within a few feet of our cage only seconds after Yann had exited the cage and ascended to the surface. Yann descended back down to the cage, with only the air in his lungs – no hookah, to help us exit the cage and make it safely to the boat.

It’s hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings that went through my head during this terrifying experience. The first minute or so felt like a horrific earthquake underwater, and I kept thinking, “We just need to wait this out.” But in the back of my head I feared the cage would break apart and this would be the end for me. I was calm, but felt very, very sad. Coincidentally, those were the exact same thoughts that went through David’s head, too.
Encounters such as this are often sensationalized as man-eating shark attacks. To be clear, this was in no way a shark attack. It was a shark enticed by the scent of tuna, not humans. I suspect (and hope) that this incident prompts some changes in the operations, mainly to the design of the cages so that this cannot happen again.

I can’t help but love how they reiterate repeatedly that this WAS NOT a shark attack, it was just a shark lured in by the scent of delicious tuna.

If it wasn’t clear before, this great white shark encounter was part of a group diving trip to the waters of Guadalupe. The trip was organized by, so if you’re interested in taking a trip like this yourself you 100% should look into booking it through them. And if you need some more convincing just head on over to their website for more incredible photos of the trip!

Feature Image via Peter Maguire YouTube.