This Is Being Called The Craziest Great White Shark Encounter Ever Filmed So Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown

This morning, like every morning, I woke up and flipped on the TV while opening my computer in my quest to find the day’s best content to bring you bros. When I flipped on NBC I saw them showing this clip on the TODAY Show, calling it the craziest shark encounter ever filmed and Carson Daly was telling viewers to turn away if they’re afraid of sharks because this will only make things worse (which is bullshit, there’s no reason to be scared of sharks because they are NOT out to get you). Then I started bouncing around my normal morning websites and it looked like most of them had posted this clip overnight.

Just check this out:

Back on Wednesday, I shared this story with you bros of another Great White Shark that had become lodged in a case and severed the diver’s oxygen tank. That was a diver’s firsthand account of a close encounter like this, and miraculously both incidents took place in Guadalupe, Mexico. My memory isn’t quite as fresh on the migratory patterns of Great White Sharks as it once was and I don’t know if now is the hottest time of the year for Great Whites in Guadalupe, but it does seem like there’s an awful lot of action going on there right now.

(h/t HuffPo)