Bro Makes Epic Music Video Set To Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’ Asking His Friends To Be His Groomsmen

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I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, when I first saw this story of a bro who made a music video/wrote a song asking his boys to be his groomsmen and he set it to Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’…I did not expect much…holy shit was I wrong.

‘If you’re going swimming then you just go ahead and dive head first into that deep end’ — is basically the mantra this bro was thinking when he wrote this song. Because why the hell not, right? I’m actually getting married myself in three weeks from tomorrow, and after watching this I’m actually ashamed that I didn’t take more time and do something as cornball as this.

Instead I chose to ask my groomsmen while browned-out on a party bus-trolley that we had chartered to drive us around from bar to bar, stopping at christmas lights along the way so we could pee in people’s front yards…good times.

But after watching this video I’m at a loss. I think I really owed it to my bros to have done them a solid and written them a song to the tune of Enrique Iglesias. And now I have three weeks (and a day) to rectify that situation. So if/when I get to writing that ditty I’ll report back here with my lyrics (and video)…no promises.

Tip of the hat to Feitelberg @ Barstool for finding and posting this video.


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