Gun Store In Oklahoma Sells Booze, Wants Kid Customers, And Will Let You Shoot Virtual People



Wilshire Gun in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is not your typical gun store. Sure, it’s got guns you can buy and a shooting range where you can shoot the guns you want and an owner who seems like a lunatic. But that’s where the similarities end.

That’s because Wilshire Gun owner Jeff Swanson wants a different gun store experience. A better one. One where you can bring your family. One where kids can touch all the guns and play bang bang. One where after you get your gun, you can hop into a simulator and shoot virtual people (of a specific ethnicity? Doesn’t say). And most of all, where you can put back some booze.

You can watch the video tour down below with CNN’s David Mattingly (and I insist you do!), but first, some highlights.

Swanson says he wants his store to feel like an Apple store, with merchandise front and certain, and lots of expensive things only white people are interested in. (He doesn’t say that part, but I inferred it. We are talking about Oklahoma, after all.)

They serve Locked & Loaded Nachos at the bar and cafe, which come with shredded chicken, hatch chile queso, sour cream and grilled salsa. YUM.

Are children allowed to handle the guns? FUCK YES, says Swanson. With proper supervision, he adds.

When Mattingly asks if Swanson’s store will encourage dangerous behavior among children when it comes to guns, he doesn’t say ‘No.’ That’s amazing. Instead, he hems and haws about how he hopes dumb kids don’t kill each other. SWEET.

One mom interviewed said she felt more comfortable taking her kids to the store, because this way they would no longer be interested in snooping around the house for her gun. STUPID MOM. That’s not how kids work.

Lastly, after you buy your gun, you can get in a virtual simulator and pretend to kill a dude. Look!



Ha. YES. Let’s practice gun safety by practicing how to shoot people. THAT’LL REDUCE SENSELESS VIOLENCE.

I should add that you aren’t allowed to drink in the store until after you’ve bought your gun. Which means Wilshire Gun will send you out into the world with a buzz on and a brand new rifle.

I love middle America.

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