Guy Who Beat ‘The Mountain’ In Europe’s Strongest Man Contest Has The Most Insane Diet, Including Four Omelettes Before Bed

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones‘ The Mountain is one of the largest men in the entire world. The guy’s an absolute fucking behemoth. I think I’ve been in cars that are smaller than him. So, heading into this year’s Europe’s Strongest Man competition, I’m pretty sure everyone just assumed he would win. Like honestly, if I were the competition, I probably wouldn’t even show up. “Oh fuck, that dude from Game of Thrones is it in. Alright, tell him I said congratulations.” However, this year he didn’t win, the honor instead going to Laurence Shahlaei. Who’s no small potato himself.

Dude’s huge. You put him and The Mountain in the same room, ya boy’s not fitting. After the win, Shahlaei revealed his daily diet that allows him to lift as much as he does and holy hell, dude’s got an industrial strength toilet.

Via Ladbible:

“His breakfast includes a monster 1,000 calorie smoothie made up of oats, bananas, milk, two scoops of whey protein, and sometimes a scoop of ice-cream.

For lunch the ultra-hench lad devours two large chicken breasts, with a portion of rice and green veg, although when he’s feeling more chill he switches the rice for oven chips.

Mid-afternoon he has some lean mince kebabs, made with onion, turmeric and salt and pepper, plus a side of rice and a large green salad.

At 5:30pm Shahlaei has a repeat of his lunch, according to his Facebook, before sitting down to a family meal at 8:30pm – which consists of 300g lean meat or 500g poultry, plus 500g of sweet potato or 150g of rice.

Then finally at he has a pre-sleep six egg whites and four whole egg omelette.”

There it is. You know, I always envy these weightlifters. Like, they get to eat so much. I’m over here eating a bowl of ice cream and suddenly I look like a bag of uncooked pizza dough. Sure, their full-time job is lifting weights while I may make it to the gym after a full day of sitting at my computer if I haven’t already started drinking, but I still see it as a tad unbalanced. These guys make me want to get out these a lift a few weights, maybe hit the treadmill. Is it just so I can eat more? Yes, but not all heroes need completely pure motivation.