Murderer Tries To Carve ‘666’ Into His Forehead But Forgets He’s Looking In A Mirror And Does It Backwards

I’m honestly not totally sure what Nikko was going for here. Was he trying to prove to the world that he actually was a crazed murderer? Or was he just playing ‘Simon Says’ with the dude in the mirror and things got out of hand? I don’t know. I mean, carving the sign of the devil into your forehead is some serial killer shit, but also, everyone has a bit of a competitive streak. Maybe the dude in the mirror has never lost a game of ‘Simon Says’ and Nikko was fed up with it. I would be. Imagine never winning anything? You’d be like the Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid if the entire karate plot blew up in his face and wasted his formative years hanging out with a questionably homeless Chinese man. You don’t want to be the failed version of Ralph Macchio. And neither does Nikko. And if he has to carve ‘666’ into you heard in order to beat the man in the mirror, so be it. Maybe that’s the key to the whole case? The man in the mirror told Nikko to commit these crimes. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that’s coercion.