Guy Caught On Camera Fleeing Hotel Nearly Naked Where Mistress Chopped Off His Penis With Scissors (VIDEO)

Maybe it’s a cultural thing that I’m not aware of, but those crazy kids over in China sure seem to enjoy choppin’ dicks. There was this lady who cut her husband’s dick off after she caught him cheating, then cut it off AGAIN after surgeons reattached it; we’ve also got the woman who screamed “If I can’t have you, nobody will!” before hackin’ her husband’s dick off. In other words, if you have a dick and are cheating on your spouse, don’t go to China. Your dick will get sliced upon crossing the border.

As for what happened to “Liu,” well, he wasn’t exactly cheating – he’s still a dirtbag, but he wasn’t 100% the cheater here. Liu went to meet “Zhang,” a woman he’d known for more than 10 years and who is married with children, at a hotel. The two had reportedly been having an affair for the past year, and so while Liu wasn’t technically the one cheating on his spouse he’s still a pile of homewrecking shit. According to Daily Mail,

According to Liu, he was very tired on that fateful afternoon.

Liu explained that Zhang had offered him a pill, which he thinks was a sleeping pill.

He said: ‘At the time I slept liked I was dead.’

Liu fell into a heavy sleep and was woken up by intense pain.

When he looked down, part of his penis had gone.

He believed that Zhang was obsessed with him and became incensed when she started feeling insecure.

Liu also admitted that he had met someone else, which may have triggered her insecurity.

Cue above video, starring Liu running away from the hotel wearing nothing but his tidy whiteys.

CCTV footage from the hotel reportedly shows a short haired woman scurrying down the stairs around the time of the incident, carrying something that could possibly be a weapon. Photos from the crime scene show both the bed and floor of the hotel room splattered with blood.

Liu has since received medical treatment for his injuries. Zhang is still currently at large, although police are reportedly investigating the incident.

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