Kid All Cracked Out On Painkillers After Wisdom Tooth Surgery Absolutely Destroys His Mom’s Soul

The woman filming this video is the mother of that guy sitting there in the passenger seat recovering from wisdom tooth extraction surgery, and she gets to see her son coming off some pretty powerful drugs while discussing how he loves his dog more than his mother. I think we have to respect his choice here because he doesn’t just say ‘I’d choose the dog over you, mom’ in passing. He really details the reasons that the dog’s better than mom.

We’ve seen some memorable post-surgery drugged out clips over the years. Most recently we saw the girl screaming about how she’s ‘choking on a big black d*ck‘, and my all time favorite is the one where the girl’s brothers convince her a zombie apocalypse is happening by running a fake PSA on the radio.

In that epic zombie clip with Millicent, the girl chooses to save the family cat over the dog, claiming the dog’s too old to survive the impending doom anyways. I feel like this clip above of this dude choosing his dog, man’s best friend, over his own mother, is somehow sweet redemption for that drugged out chick choosing to let the zombies eat her family’s dog.

(h/t TheChive)

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