Unlucky Guy Dresses Like A Woman, Makes A New Dating Profile To See If He Can ‘Learn’ From Men Who Message Him

by 3 years ago

If you’re so bad at getting dates that you think dressing up like a woman, creating a fake dating profile and then catfishing a bunch of dudes so you can learn what their “tips and tricks” are when it comes to getting laid, guess what: you probably still won’t get laid. Why’d this guy have to dress up like a woman? Why couldn’t he just pop on over to Google Images and grab a photo of some random chick to use? Why? Why???

Because that’s part of the gimmick of this video, you see – if he just used a random photo of a girl then it wouldn’t be as “funny.” We, as the audience, are supposed to sit here like “HA HA HA HA he dressed up like a girl! OH the HILARITY! HA HA HA HA!” Except now you and I both know that portion of the video was completely superfluous. We are smarter than average in other words, you and I. Congratulations!


[H/T Shock Mansion]

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