Guy Is Dumped By Gold Digger Girl, Counters ALL Her Revenge Attempts Against Him And Screws Her Financially BIG TIME

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The best revenge is when you let someone screw themselves over without ever lifting a finger, which is what Redditor Karmas_Revenge experienced when dealing with his gold digging wench of an ex-girlfriend who not only stole all the furniture out of his house when they broke up, but tried to dick him over in a multitude of uncalled for ways. Tried to shut his electricity off? Chck. Tried to sell his car? Check. Tried to hack his email? Check check check. But not matter what she did she failed. Why?

Because karmas a bitch, especially when you’re being a piece of shit.

I dated a girl for about four years, lets call her Brandy. We were best friends before we dated, then we dated for about four years. She was awesome. I loved her very dearly. As far as I knew we were awesome together and great as friends and as lovers. We rarely ever fought. We got along great. We got engaged and had plans to get married. As far as I knew everything was perfect. In fact, I still doubt I will ever find another partner that I am THAT compatible with.

I spoiled her too. Maybe that was my biggest fault. I always let her go shopping whenever wherever she wanted, I kept her fed from a golden spoon and wrapped in the finest linens. Even if she didn’t ask, I typically enjoyed spoiling her. That’s just how I am.

She had recently gotten a part time job as a funeral directors assistant, paying $10 an hour, and I had subsequently gotten her a new cellphone line for her as a work line, as a celebratory gesture, because she had been wanting a Note 5 and wasn’t due for an upgrade. she said she would pay for the balance on the old phone with her first check.

Then one autumn day our only car got repoed. She called the bank, the bank said I was three months behind on my payments. I knew that wasnt right. That’s when she told me it wasn’t working out. She said she was tired of being broke and struggling financially. She wanted something better out of life than being broke all the time. The interesting thing to note here, is that she hadnt worked in a couple years, and had been living off of my paycheck. I’m a network engineer, live confortably in a fairly nice house with lots of the latest toys and gadgets and everything but my newest car is paid for. I would hardly call that struggling.

But it apparently wasn’t good enough for her.

So she left after the car got repoed. I was upset about it and went to my mothers house for the day while she packed her shit. While I was at my moms I paid the repo fees and the past due balance for the amount the bank told me that was owed. Turns out the balance was for a different account, the bank had repoed the wrong vehicle and given me the wrong account number to pay. So I paid somebody else account. They fixed it, applied the balance to my (not past due) account and promptly gave me my car back

I came back that evening with some friends and she had taken EVERYTHING. she took all of the furniture, except a couch and my bed and my kids beds. She took collectibles, decorations, food, basically everything that wasn’t nailed down.

Also when she left, she took her two cellphones that I have been paying for on a payment plan. So I still had to deal with my cell phone bill being $300/mo for three phones, when I only use one of them. I still owe $1200 for those two phones Then there was a matter of a $2,000 loan she had taken out with my mom, that she had agreed, in writing, to pay back.

I sent her an email a few days later asking for my stuff back and for the money she owed and she responded that I was harrassing her and that if I ever contacted her again she would call the cops and threatened bodily harm from her stepdad.

So I suspended her lines and didn’t say anything. She called me from a borrowed phone the next day to ask me if I was going to tell her before I turned her phone off. I said I didn’t feel like I need to, since they were my phones and the account was in my name.

Since then she has tried to have my electricity turned off. which didn’t happen, because they called me to confirm.

She has tried to sell my car without having it in her possession, which failed.

She has tried to call the police on me for harassment, dumped trash in my yard and called the homeowners association, and broken into my house and left things and taken other things, on several different occasions. I have changed my locks and set up security cameras since then.

So enough of the backstory. Here’s where my revenge comes in. I took her to small claims court for $9,500 for property and damages and all the money she owed and I won. Granted I have to pay to have that enforced, and honestly I don’t even care to enforce it. But I won.

Revenge is mine

I also got a promotion at my job since she left, was recently given a a raise and a big fat bonus, just got a $1,000 voucher from Delta since they screwed up my flight, and things are generally better than they had been before she left, tenfold.

She lives with her mom in a tiny room with no air conditioner, and no heater, can’t get a car (my buddy owns a car lot, she tried to buy from him because everybody else had turned her down. he turned her down on principal) or a cell phone because of her credit, and relies on friends and family to drive her to her 2 day a week job and school. She also owes $40,000 for school loans for her first couple years, and shes got four more years left to go. But I guess thats better than struggling, right?

I just wanted to add this: After I suspended her phone lines, she got really angry and attempted to get revenge in a number of ways, all of which failed.

1. She tried to sell my car to a dealership without having the car with her. (how stupid can you be?)

2. She tried to have my electricity turned off.

3. She hacked my facebook

4. Broke into my house several times, (left things, took other things) until I changed the locks and put in security cameras.

5. She tried to close out my loan account with the bank, and have them repo the car. (They told her as long as it was being paid for they wouldn’t repo the vehicle under any circumstances)

6. She tried hacking all my email accounts, bank accounts, Steam account, Xbox account, and any other account she could to try and screw me over.

7. She managed to cancel one of my debit cards, but it wasn’t my main one and she didn’t take any money, she just wanted me to face the dificulty of not having a debit card?

8. She threatened me multiple times “physical bodily harm” from her stepdad and brother.

9. Dumped trash on my lawn and called the Homeowners Association.

10. Frequently sent me pictures of that cat that we adopted. (This one hurts a little bit, but I’ll never let her know that)

11. Made sure that everybody knows what a horrible person I am and how shitty I was througghout her entire relationship.

Through all that, the only time I ever contacted her was to ask for my stuff back. Once. That’s it. I gave her a list of stuff that she took, told her she had a week to give it back, or else. If she ever attempted to contact me I ignored it completely. She flipped the fuck out and started trying to somehow enact revenge. I never once called the police on her, I never let on that any of it bothered me, I never said “hey, why did you do this?”, but she kept on continously trying to screw me over, failing every single time. I never flinched or batted an eye. That to me is the unltimate victory.

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