Guy Gets Busted Banging Girl With Boyfriend, Boyfriend Proceeds To Call Guy Non-Stop And Send Him THIS Creepy Email



Most people would be pissed to shit upon finding their girlfriend in the middle of being railed out by some random stranger, but not this guy! Nope, rather than do what most men would do and punch a hole in a wall (or the other guy’s face, your choice), according to our tipster this guy decided that the best course of action was to steal the other man’s number from his girlfriend’s cell phone and call him non-stop. Via our tipster who is “the other man” in this story:

Went to see my slam piece yesterday and the BF showed up. He
got upset and found my number, probably on her phone, and called me.
After I wouldn’t talk to him he sent this gem from HER email. I think
he thinks I care and that I’m love with her. She supposedly got a restraining order on him but I definitely cut her off after this incident. Watch out for the crazies!

As for the email the boyfriend sent…ugh. No wonder she’s cheating on him (click on the image to enlarge):


reader email

Lol that he keeps calling it “a date” instead of what it really was: your girlfriend boning another dude because your clingy ass was too busy doing shit like listening to “Die a Happy Man” on repeat “for like 3 days.”

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