Drugged Up Guy Has Complete Meltdown When Beyonce Doesn’t Show Up After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

After the infamous “David After Dentist” video went completely bonkers on the internet in 2009, racking up over 126,000,000 views, others have tried to recreate their own viral sensation of recording a loved one after oral surgery talking all kinds of gibberish. However most are fake. Not this new video though. I know it’s not bogus because it’s fucking 12 minutes long. No savvy person would post a video over two minutes and expect it to go viral. This mom was just posting her son’s hilarious reaction after he had his wisdom teeth removed to share with her family and poke fun of her son when he annoyed her. Not one easy edit, that could have cut down this video to something much more manageable was done. You also know it’s real because there’s blood pouring out of the kid’s mouth.

Let’s summarize this epic video shall we? Christine Weber Livingston recorded her 17-year-old son, Cody Lanphere, after he was administered anesthesia while his wisdom teeth were removed. The video begins when they get to the car and Cody is still really loopy from the drugs and is an absolute wreck when Beyonce is not there to meet her after his surgery. Apparently Bey cleared her schedule to be able to greet Cody after his surgery.

Cody screams:

“She told – she told me she’d be here. She lied to me!”

Then if things couldn’t get any worse, he realizes that besides removing his teeth, they also removed his heart! Thankfully Cody’s mommy did remember to gather his goody bag from the dentist. The drugged up son believes that his mom is driving him to Africa to see Beyonce. Driving to Africa is a rather tall order because last I checked there is no 5,000 mile long bridge that crosses the Atlantic Ocean from North America to Africa.

During the drive from the dentist to their house in Benson, North Carolina, Cody thinks he looks like Alvin and the Chipmunks. The he thinks he’s fat, but only a minute later he thinks he looks like a supermodel. He also believes the FBI has made a roadblock to stop him. Then he thinks that he’s Beyonce. Cody sounds like any one of my 13 bi-polar girlfriends that I’ve had the pleasure of dating and attempting to quell their mental issues.