This Guy Photoshopped All Of His Tinder Pics In An Epic Display Of Creative Genius

tinder photoshop

Saam, Tinder

Now I don’t know how many girls this guy Saam is actually hooking up with because of his Tinder profile, but I can say that it has to be one of the best I have ever seen. If nothing else bro HAS to be getting some matches based on curiosity alone.

I mean anyone who goes to such great lengths to Photoshop themselves into all sorts of hilarious situations has to get at least a few matches just for the creativity factor, right?

From putting himself in situations with celebrities to adding himself to hilarious memes, bro’s Tinder game is simply A+ all the way.

Check out a few of his pics…

tinder photoshop 2

Saam, Tinder

tinder photoshop 1

Saam, Tinder

tinder photoshop 3

Saam, Tinder

Take a look at a few more shots of Saam’s work over at LadBible and then go check him out on Tinder, ladies.

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