‘Let Me Get That Half A Pistachio Shell’ — Dude Relentlessly Roasts His Friend For Getting Worst Haircut Ever

I wasn’t really sure about this video when it was sent to me, I mean, how good can a video of some dude getting roasted for having a shitty haircut really be, right? What I didn’t expect was a couple of hilariously awkward dudes from Philly with a real penchant for jokes. The ‘half pistachio’ line was great but the yarmulke joke is the one that really got me, and I suppose the infectious laughter helps.

Now if that was me I think I might have to press charges against the barber. I can’t be walking around the world with a haircut that fucked up. My hair is probably my 5th best feature, and one I’m not willing to wait out for 5 weeks as it grows in five inches because some shitty barber doesn’t know how to do his job. There has to be some sort of legal recourse here, right?

And I don’t know why this video made me want to go watch the ORIGINAL ‘My New Haircut’, but here I am:

(via r/videos)

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