Two Guys Jump A Dude In Walmart, But It Is They Who Get Their Asses Handed To Them

I was not at the scene of this fight, but I reckon that this brouhaha happened on the morning of Thanksgiving day, The brawl was initiated when the one gentleman grabbed the last bag of yams at the Walmart in Racine, Wisconsin. The man with the bag of yams was planning to make a glorious sweet potato casserole covered with a crispy topping of molasses, pecan and graham cracker and of course ooey-gooey marshmallows. The two other gents wanted the yams to make a sweet potato pie topped with a hearty dollop of fluffy homemade whipped cream. The three chaps were unable to share the bag of sweet potatoes, so the two sweet potato pie enthusiasts jumped the sweet potato casserole devotee. And by the looks of the bloody faces on the two sweet potato pie lovers, they got their asses handed to them despite outnumbering the sweet potato casserole fella.

I completely understand that the holidays can be stressful, but let’s try to not jump people in Walmart, even for delightful sweet potatoes.

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