Hackers Figured Out Mark Zuckerberg’s Password For His Twitter And Pinterest And Wow Oh Wow Is It Dumb

You know how when choosing a password, you’re supposed to pick something easily remembered by you but challenging for anyone else to guess? For example, no one knows that when you were 16 and broke your leg that you had wild dreams about a scantily-clad Bruce Willis riding around on a Segway, making your password “Bruce16willisLeg.” No one would guess that in a million years, because it is not only ridiculous and stupid, but also not repetitive or commonly used.

Yet here we have Mark Zuckerberg, whose Twitter and Pinterest accounts were reportedly hacked by a group called “OurMine”:

In a message posted on Twitter through Zuckerberg’s own account, the group claimed it had found his password in leaked LinkedIn in password dump.

Twitter user @Ben_Hall posted a screen grab of the Facebook founder’s Twitter and Pinterest account, giving his password ‘dadada’ and the hackers’ calling card.

Mr Hall wrote: ‘Ouch. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts have been hacked.’(via)

Yup, his password was “dadada.” The multi-million dollar CEO of Facebook, famous for revolutionizing social media and buying stock in other Silicon Valley tech companies, uses a password his new baby could type.


[H/T Daily Mail]