Halal Approved Sex Shop To Open In Mecca, Will Sell ‘Muslim Sex Toys’ Approved By Saudi Clerics

For the first time ever, a ‘halal’ approved sex shop will open in the Saudi city of Mecca. They will sell Muslim sex toys approved by Saudi clerics to muslims in an effort to “improve the sexual relationship between husband and wife.”

When I first came across this story I imagined the Saudi version of Ray Zalinksy from ‘Tommy Boy’ (Dan Aykroyd’s character), standing in a factory holding a plastic penis saying something along the lines of “I make Muslim sex toys for Muslim working man, because that’s who I am, and that’s who I care about” all while shaking around a floppy dildo the size of Lex Steele.

It’s not entirely clear what sort of certified halal sex toys will be sold in Mecca’s first every Muslim sex shop. In addition to ‘erotic oils’, there will be 18 “Islamically approved’ sexy toys sold in the store ‘El Asira’, that is being opened by Abdelaziz Aouragh. Currently, Abdelaziz Aouragh owns a Dutch halal sex shop but will be moving to the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca to open his doors to the people of Mecca who are desperately in need of spicing things up in the bedroom.

This story was first picked up by the website alyaoum24, but since I don’t read Arabic I had to pull these translations from Google Chrome’s translate, so apologies if they’re not spot on:

Abdelaziz Aouragh, the owner of the website “clan”, “El Asira.com,” the first Islamist Web site that specializes in selling goods arab sex “, is ready to open a shop to trade mark in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

She explained the French news agency “AFP”, the Moroccan businessman, recently merged with the German company “Beate Uhse”, the largest provider of exciting products in Europe.

He said Aouragh in an interview with the French Agency “will be through the German company’s marketing more than 18 sexually productive Islamist, with the possibility for a global market and access to 1.8 billion people,” explaining, “Our products are not included dolls, inflatable, and dildos, but products increase feelings of sensuality and improve the atmosphere between the couple in the sexual relationship between them. ”

He explained Aouragh, which began in the marketing of its services to customers the end of March of 2010, in remarks to the press Dutch processing during the launch of the project, said he hopes “his project to change the stereotypical image of Islam as our anti-women, pointing out that” the image of women in the kitchen, burqa is not a true picture. There is a lot of love and respect Islam adult women with respect, saying, “our store puts women at the center”, offers information, and has questions to find answers to the store site.

Aouragh consulted a Muslim clerics in which to seek advice from a Saudi sheikh.

According to other reports there will be NO vibrators sold in the sex shop, as vibrators are not in accordance with Islamic law. And to that I say: No vibrators sold in a sex shop? Is this going to be like the upcoming World Cup in Qatar that won’t be selling any booze and will be quite possibly the most boring sporting event in history?!

How can you even call something a ‘sex shop’ when it’s not even selling vibrators?!?!