Watch As Two Bros Drag A Thrashing 10-Foot Hammerhead Shark Onto The Beach In Broad Daylight And Save Its Life

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YouTube / 1ArmStarfish

That’s right, I said the two brothers drag a 10-foot hammerhead shark up onto a (populated) beach in broad daylight and they save the shark’s life by removing a ton of fishing tackle stuck in the shark’s mouth. The brothers first spotted the enormous hammerhead shark in distress just off the beach, then one of them swam out to grab the shark while the other cleared the beach. Below are some highlights in GIF, and the video is at the bottom!

Once they’ve got the 10-foot hammerhead in shallow water they flip the shark over (sharks are almost completely immobilized when upside down, slipping into a trance of ‘tonic immobility’) and they removed all the stray tackle stuck in that shark’s mouth. There are multiple hooks, lures, and a bunch of leader line stuck in the hammerhead’s mouth, likely preventing it from being able to feed.

People who don’t spend a lot of time below the ocean’s surface simply wouldn’t believe how much fishing tackle’s left over down there. If you’ve ever been diving, snorkeling, or spearfishing then you’ve seen the millions of hooks with leader line caught on every nook and cranny on the reef, an ocean full of trash. You might think that fishing tackle companies would design their products with this in mind, and design them to disintegrate, but that is not the case. Fishing hooks and leader line can sit down on the reefs (or hang from the mouths of sharks) for what seems like an eternity.

[1ArmStarfish YouTube Channel]

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