Prick Harvard Professor Throws Complete Shit Fit When Chinese Restaurant Overcharges Him $4

Ben Edelman teaches at Harvard Business School and last week, he ordered some Chinese food. Some sauteed prawns, some shredded chicken and some braised fish from Sichaun Garden in Brookline, Massachusetts. Good stuff.

His order came to $53.55, which was four dollars more than he expected it to be based on the calculations he made with his Havard Business School brain.

Edelman was correct, because the online menu had yet to be updated to reflect recently raised prices. That’s some bullshit, but sort of the ‘meh, whatever’ kind of bullshit.

Not to Edelman. No, he went absolutely nuts over email on poor Ran Duan, whose parents own the restaurant. Why?

Well, I don’t want to prejudice you before reading his emails by stating that every single human who resides around Boston for longer than six months automatically becomes a racist on par with Michael Fassbender’s character in 12 Years A Slave, but it’s almost impossible to read this guy’s words and not imagine Ben Edelman muttering “fucking G–ks’ under his breath every single time he types out one of these emails.

Dude hates Asians is what I’m saying.

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