Watch Two Bros In Hawaii Rescue A Beached Tiger Shark That Got Stuck In Fishing Line

Tiger sharks are the badasses of the sea. They’re a predator that eats almost everything in sight, armed with razor-sharp teeth that can crunch into flesh and bone, including objects as hard as turtle shells (…so says Wikipedia).  Sadly, because of the high demand for shark fin soup in Asia, these amazing creatures are a near-threatened species thanks to illegal fishing throughout the Pacific. It’s super uncool.

Channeling their inner-ohana, a group of Hawaiians sprung into action when a young tiger shark was beached in a tangle of fishing lines. In under a minute they were able to slice off the line and get it back in the water.

That sharks owes them a fin-dab and a beer. Look at how badass the inside of it’s mouth is.

Something to think about the next time you jump in the water in Hawaii…