With Hillary Sweeping Yesterday’s Primaries Let’s All Watch This Clip Of Her Lying For 13 Straight Minutes

Hillary Clinton’s having one hell of a week so far. In yesterday’s second ‘Super Tuesday’ Mrs. Clinton swept the Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina primaries (and it really wasn’t even close). As someone who thinks Hillary Clinton‘s one of those most corrupt politicians (and biggest flip floppers) of the modern era I think it’s important to take this moment to reflect on just how frequently and egregiously the former First Lady lies.

The mainstream media’s being way too fucking kind with Hillary Clinton and I can’t seem to understand why. Every time I flip on my TV I see an attack ad on Cruz, Trump, and Rubio (but lil Marco’s out now and those ads are over), and I can’t seem to understand why in the shit Hillary’s not being exposed for the crooked ass politician that she really is (she’s awful, really really fucking awful).

Facts are facts: Hillary Clinton is not a politician who can be trusted. She’s a pathological liar.

Sure, with the current candidates vying for a post in the White House right now we voters are stuck with the choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. But I’m going to vote for that giant douche over the turd sandwich every damn time, because if Hillary Clinton is allowed to take The White House our entire country is going to plunge further into the shitter than it’s ever been before.

Also, I know that the video above has been around for a few weeks. I only came across it today with my buddy Rob S. sent it to me and I’d like to send him a shout out for texting it my way!