Hey, Guess Who FINALLY Had A Damn Press Conference? Hillary Clinton! (Watch It Here)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president has been one of the most opaque efforts for office ever, with her routinely and repeatedly refusing to answer questions from the press.

It even became a running gag, her ability to deflect inquiries, and the RNC set up a counter to track how long it had been since she held a press conference.

The streaked reached 277 days, but ended this morning when she took six questions from reporters. My guess is since she was publicly grilled last night over her email scandal, she figured reporters wouldn’t want to continue to fuck that digital chicken. She was right.

You can watch it above (the Q&A starts at 8:10). Clinton was asked why she wasn’t running away with the election, why she promised never to send troops to the Middle East, if she thought she was being treated differently, what happened in recent classified briefings, the upcoming debates, and a question I couldn’t make out because the audio was really muddled, but ends up with her talking about how ISIS is supporting Trump.

Trump’s spokesman called her press conference “desperate.”

“Last night Hillary Clinton again failed the commander-in-chief test, where she was unable to answer for her terrible foreign policy judgment, mishandling of classified information and claims that the VA wait time scandal was overblown. Her claim that no lives were lost in Libya was an insult to the memory of the four brave Americans who died in Benghazi. So it’s no surprise she’s resorting to unhinged and dishonest attacks, including claiming on Israeli TV that terrorists are praying for Mr. Trump to win. These are the desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in the polls, and characteristics of someone woefully unfit for the presidency of the United States.”

Paul Ryan called on Clinton to apologize for saying ISIS is supporting Trump, because making bullshit up about how ISIS and a presidential candidate are intertwined is the provenance of their party.