Bro Who Just Took A Hook Through The Finger Bandages Up And Pulls In A 250-Pound Goliath Group By Hand


YouTube / Chapper15

I’m proud to say I’ve never taken a fishing hook through the finger…yet. I’ve come damn close but I’ve yet to have to go through the excruciating pain of having to push the hook all the way through your finger (you can’t pull it out because of the barb, it’ll shred everything going backwards). This bro had just taken a hook through his finger the day before pulling in his 250-pound Goliath Grouper (Jewfish) off of Anna Maria Island, Florida.

These are some fishing water I know well, my mother grew up on Anna Maria and my dad would take me fishing there at least once a month growing up. So this video of Rob Chapman of Outdoors360 handlining the Goliath Grouper’s really tugging at my nostalgic heart strings:

Talk about a fucking bro move. The dude just had a hook go through his hand yet he’s still got the strength to pull in one of the strongest fish in the ocean BY HAND. That fish weighs more than you or I, that’s a MASSIVE grouper, but not one that’s too big for Rob Chapman of Outdoors360.

I’m not sure I could pull that fish in even if I was healthy and he did it while injured. Mad props to Rob for pulling that off. (via r/fishing)

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