‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ Is A Ragtag Group Of Prostitutes Who Just Might Sway The Next Presidential Election



We’re currently 566 days out from the 2016 Presidential Election, and the movers and shakers of the campaign are finally starting to take form. Just yesterday news broke that the billionaire Koch Brothers will be putting their mighty wealth behind an endorsement of Scott Walker, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin. But that wasn’t even close to being the biggest endorsement of the week: the sex workers at Nevada’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch have officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

The sex bunnies of Dennis Hof‘s Moonlight Bunny Ranch have thrown Hillary Clinton their endorsement under the name ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’, even launching the website hookersforhillary.com to show that they mean business. As you can see from the video below that lists the reasons the sex workers of The Moonlight Bunny Ranch have endorsed Hillary 4 Pres, this is no joke. These hookers are taking their endorsement VERY SERIOUSLY, and this isn’t just a publicity stunt:

Hillary Clinton recently announced her campaign to run for President of the United States in 2016, in the election that will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. For better or worse, she’s widely considered to be the front runner for the Democratic nomination to run against the republicans.

If all of this ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ stuff sounds familiar, chances are you’re a fan of NBC’s ‘Parks and Rec‘ that recently wrapped up its series finale. There was a character on that show by the name of Brandi Maxxxx who was a porn star, and who was constantly comparing herself to Leslie Knope at times when Leslie absolutely did NOT want to be associate with a porn star. Brandi Maxx also got into politics on ‘Parks and Rec’ when she ran for city council. So this whole ‘Hookers For Hillary’ endorsement is definitely a little bit of ‘life imitating art’, or vice versa.

As you can see in this video, it was one of the best long-term gags that ran on ‘Parks and Rec’. Here we’ve got Joan Callamezzo with the quote of “once again, Brandi and Leslie are essentially the same person” after a City Council debate:

But as you saw in the video from Dennis Hof’s employees (and as I stated before), this ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ endorsement is very serious business. Here are the four pillars of policy the sex workers of Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch are endorse Hillary Clinton under:

*Protecting health care reform
*Foreign policy experience
*Support for agencies that protect the public’s health
*Prevention of a return to supply side economics

This ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ endorsement is already making headlines worldwide, and is something to be taken very seriously. The sex worker industry is HUGE, and these ‘Hookers For Hillary’ could very well sway the next United States Presidential Election in 2016.

For more on the ‘Hookers 4 Hillary endorsement from Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch, you can click on over to HoookersForHillary.com.

[Tip of the hat to @Playboy for finding and sharing this story]

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