Hot Girl Pranks Idiots By Having Them Sign ‘Terms And Conditions,’ Forcing Them To Give Away Their Clothes In Public

by 3 years ago

There is a simple thing all of the people in this video could’ve done upon being confronted with the information that they’re required to give up a piece of their clothing/what-have-you after signing the bogus “Terms and Conditions” document, and that is RUN AWAY. The fuck is wrong with you people? You threw your email address and your name down on some bullshit piece of paper. You think they’re gonna track you down and sue you or something? Worst case scenario you twist your ankle on the way out and look like a loser limping around, OH WAIT JUST KIDDING the actual worst case scenario is that you get caught being a moron and that moment gets put up on the Internet for everyone to see.

Hmmm….looks like that worst case scenario is exactly what happened here. Bummer.

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