This Hot 23-Year-Old Travels Around The World On Weekends For Under $1,000 A Trip–Here Are Her Traveling Tips

If you’re like me, you’ll find one reason or another to put the breaks on a trip to a new place–money, planning, time off from work, no friends, etc. All of these reasons can be remedied with a little effort, and the payoff of exploring a new place can be invaluable. But inertia is real and diverting yourself from your everyday routine can be daunting.

Well, hopefully this 23-year-old bombshell can help change your thinking.

Elona Karafin is a New Yorker who travels to an exotic place every few weeks for under $1,000 a trip. That includes airfare, lodging, food, entertainment. The whole enchilada. Camel included.

Karafin credits a health care she had when she was younger to her exploratory outlook.

“I had cancer when I was 10, ” she says. “Now I realize, people around me, people my age or people older, everyone is dealing with something that stops them from doing what they want to do.”

She says the experience taught her, “I don’t want to waste away my youth and I don’t want others to waste away their youth and I don’t want them to do it because people think they don’t have enough money or enough time.” [via Business Insider]

The 23-year-old stresses that you don’t need to be rich to travel the world. She’s a recent college graduate and works as a financial analyst at a large e-commerce and postage supply company, which she admits doesn’t pay the big bucks.

Elona claims her favorite trips were a 3-day exploration of Bali (after a 26 hour flight), visiting her friend in poland on her birthday for just 8 hours, and banging out Amsterdam in two days. She documents all her trips on her blog, “Elona The Explorer.”

Karafin offered up a few pro tips to cut down on the costs and stresses of traveling. Check them out below, via Business Insider.

Turn off the “cookies” in your browser before using travel sites (or clear them before you return). Many travel sites use cookies to remember you and show you the same fares, even if they were high. “They assume that’s what you’re willing to pay,” Karafin says.

Be flexible on where you’ll go. “I use websites that allow me to put ‘everywhere’ as a destination, and New York as my origin,” she says. She goes where ever the bargains take her.

One of her favorite sites for finding deals on flights is “It has some of the best deals I’ve ever seen.”

Another favorite is Hotel Tonight. “Hotel Tonight is by far one of my favorite apps because it literally has the best hotel deals on the market, period.”

“I buy my trips on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because price trends show that’s when they are the cheapest.”

Elona, if you’re looking for a traveling partner, hit me up. I don’t got shit going on.

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