Watch What ACTUALLY Happens When A Hotel Maid ‘Cleans’ Your Room


I like to think that I’m a fairly open person, so whenever I stay in a hotel I always make sure to leave my laptop wiiide open and playing the kinkiest porn I can find on full volume so that when the maid comes in, she knows not to fuck with me…and also the kind of porn I watch since I like to overshare with random strangers. JUST KIDDING, I’m a girl and girls don’t watch porn.

But for some reason most people aren’t like me and prefer to keep their private life on lockdown, meaning that given the option they’d rather their hotel maid not go rummaging through their shit during a cleaning. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and unfortunately this maid clearly doesn’t live up to the responsibility part.

The video footage is from a hidden camera at an unnamed US hotel and shows a maid not only rifling through the guy’s stuff, but mucking around with his tablet and trying to gain access into his Chromebook. When she’s done making her best attempt at invading this guy’s privacy, she FINALLY cleans the room…

…except she cleaned the bathroom, and THEN the bed without changing her gloves. She touched that toilet seat, scrubbed that toilet and then used those same filthy hands to touch the pillowcase. I’m not much of a germaphobe, but I typically try to avoid putting my face next to poop particles when possible.

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