Become A Cigar Expert And Master These Three Different Ways To Cut Cigars

I’ve spent most of my life thinking that there were only two ways to cut a cigar. The traditional flat guillotine cut or using a cigar punch to cut a hole out of the cigar’s rear. Well, I was wrong.

It turns out there are three ways to cut a cigar, and your cigar smoking experience is improved immensely by pairing the proper cigar cut with the type of cigar you are smoking. This tutorial on the tree main types of cigar cuts above is actually a year or two old. You bros know I have a pretty strict rule about only posting new content, videos and stories that are only a week old at most, but I figured as we head into Summer and all of us are able to spend more time on the golf course it would be a great day to talk about cigars.

If you are looking to ramp up your cigar smoking life you can find everything you need on Amazon aside from the cigars themselves. Travel humidors, various cigar cutters, torch lighters, they’re all available for purchase. Below, I’ve included some of the top sellers on the market if you bros are looking to make a purchase:

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