How Do You Land an Alpha Female? Plus Do Chicks Think Kate Upton is Hot?

Q: How do you land an alpha female? I'm an alpha male and have successfully started dating a hard 10. She shows signs that she likes me, we've gone out on real dates, the sex is lights out good, etc. I know she's not seeing other guys, but she still doesn't have a problem blowing me off, canceling last minute, and I can't get her to hang out more than once a week. What does it take to get this girl to go all in with me?

A: Giving you a run for your money; I dig this girl's style. First of all, don't assume that you “know” she isn't dating other guys– because if she's keeping you at a distance of one night a week, there's a good that chance she is. If you haven't set yourself apart from the breau masses pining for her attention, why wouldn't she?

Otherwise, you could just be coming on too strong. Or, at the risk of sounding like a reverse chick flick, she's just not that into you. That can happen.

Regardless, she clearly knows what she's working with, and it'll require some serious effort on your end to lock it down. That's just the way it goes. Not only do you have to prove your alpha status as an individual, you've got to prove your superiority to the other dudes who are undoubtedly courting her. And even if you achieve that, you still may not be able to mark her as your female territory. Some ladies enjoy being an independent yet highly sought after woman figure. It's just a fucking good time. So be cognizant of your behavior towards her; don't hover or smother her with attention, but always put forth an effort to make your presence and general amazingness known. If it goes on for too long, you might want to try a does of her own medicine with some good old-fashioned hard to get games. Sometimes the chase is all it takes.

Q: I've hooked up with this girl a few nights while we've been out and it seemed like it was going well but the next night she goes out and hooks up with another dude out of nowhere while I'm at the bar. Now she seems mad at me and kind of ignores me. I realized that I've only texted her to see if she is going out and nothing else. Do you think she thought she was only a booty call to me? Is there any way to fix this, because this is not what I viewed it as.

A: Red flag number one– you've never attempted contact outside of a weekend night. By anyone's book, this is booty call status. And it sounds like homegirl doesn't appreciate it.

This little folly is on you, breau. So for the fix, you'll need some texting behavioral adjustments. First things first- TEXT HER DURING THE WEEK. I'm not necessarily suggesting a date proposal–though, if you're genuinely interested that's definitely the move–but for continued hookups, some friendly mid-week text conversation will suffice.

This doesn't mean you guys have to get serious– but it will serve to let her know that you're thinking about her outside of those horny Saturday nights. In turn, she'll feel less like a piece of meat, and therefore be more receptive to your advances. This could work in your favor in more ways than one– because who says you can't get yours on a weekday? God knows I support it wholeheartedly. 

Be the change you wish to see in your sex life, grasshopper.

Q: So me and one of my bros are participating in a friendly competition that involves scoring with the same chick. We're all within the same circles, but he sees her way more than I do due to my much tougher major and working 20 hours a week. Possible benefits include coming off as more elusive and seeming like I actually have important shit going on in my life, however, fact is he's getting way more face time than I am. Is there any way I can still gain advantage?

A: I'm feeling like you've failed to consider the repercussions associated with trophy girl finding out about this competition. Have you ever seen the 90s flick, “She's All That”? Probably so but maybe not, so here are the Cliff's Notes; shit ends poorly. Are there really that few girls for you to go after that you have to potentially fuck up a friendship for a relationship that will end well for either one or none of you? Seems a bit unnecessary if you ask me.

But since I'm sure I won't convince you to back down, here's the deal. Assuming you guys are fairly equal in looks/charm/smarts, by default guy with more facetime will come out victorious. Which leaves you in the disadvantageous position- namely, sitting in the library sulking while your bro fucks trophy chick. Or while trophy chick fucks some other dude, because she found out she was the base of a sexual competition. Either way you're not winning. So I say cut your losses now– find another equally babe-alicious babe to court, and don't fucking tell your friend about her.

Q: I know you answered how DTF are girls when they visit other schools, and that got me and my bros wondering the opposite. How DTF are girls if you're an out of town bro visiting their school? I'll be visiting a bunch of other schools before the end of the semester and I'm just wondering what I'll be in for.

A: The answer to this depends on the size of the school. If you're diving into a smaller school with a tightly knit Greek system it's gonna be a little harder than if you're visiting a huge state school where your interactions could fly under the radar. Overall, girls will have their guard up a bit more on their own turf when compared with exploring uncharted territories.That said, if you're a babe visiting your frat star buddy, you probably won't have any problems regardless. You have the chance to be anyone you want for a weekend, so establish a strong presence and shit– come back for more next month.

Q: Girls perspective: Kate Upton- hot or not?

A: Not for the first time, my response to this question is going to be a wildly unpopular one. But you asked for perspective, so fuck it– here goes nothin'. Try to keep your shit talking comments to a minimum, h8ters.

I think Kate Upton is one of the most over-hyped models of all time. Yes, she's got a huge juicy rack and long blonde locks- but thats all she's got.
Incidentally, about 75% of porn stars boast the same qualities– which is why she reminds me of one.

An underage, uneducated, butterface porn star. Sorry I'm not fucking sorry.

The kind of talent I appreciate comes from the likes of the exotic, the unique; the fit and inherently sexual babes who have graced the Victoria's Secret runway and SI covers in the past. Sex goddesses like Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima…the list goes on.

Girls whose sex appeal lies deeper than their D cups. Oh; and girls who are over 18.  I won't deny Kate the props she deserves for hustling, making a dollar and achieving rapid celeb status. But I also won't grant her the status of ranking amongst the world's most captivating and beautiful women. Period.

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