This Is How You Get Websites (BroBible Included) To Stop Posting About The Kardashians

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Believe it or not, the writers here at BroBible actually do on occasion read the comments our readers leave us on Facebook. They’re typically misspelled, almost always meandering in point and usually give me a migraine since I’m convinced that most of our commenters don’t know how to read based solely off of what they “wrote,” but sometimes, sometimes, one or two people have a good point that we take to heart. If you’d like specifics (which I know you would), today I’m talking about the enlightening speech that this fine gentleman recently gave us:



Now I can completely understand how you’d be tempted to dismiss this comment as just some douchecanoe being an Internet troll. I would be inclined to agree with you…normally. However, if we go one step deeper and look at what post this angry Internet man appears to have grievances with, maybe we can better understand why his panties are in such a knot.



Ah yes, the Kardashians. Any time we post anything about Hollywood’s classiest and most well-respected family we get a barrage of comments. Some are funny, like these ones:





…but most are just inane stupid ramblings about how much we suck for posting yet another photo of Kim Kendall Kylie yadda yadda yadda doing whatever they do:













Well guess what assholes, WE WOULDN’T PUT ANY OF THOSE TRASHBAGS ON THE WEBSITE IF YOU LOSERS DIDN’T CLICK ON THEM. I’m not kidding. Do you think any of us actually ENJOY writing about the Kardashians? This is a MEN’S website, aka we’d rather write about BRO shit than speculate about whether or not Kylie Jenner is going to make a porno. It’s like you people think JCamm graduated with a degree in finance and then decided to throw all of that away because he’d rather write about how Kim Kardashian has big boobies.

In fact, it would make my goddamn DAY if I posted some utterly stupid bullshit about Kendall Jenner and 0 people clicked on it, because that would mean that people are beginning to care less and less about the Kardashians. But you know what? That hasn’t happened yet. I’ve posted some of the most worthless, piece-of-shit borderline unintelligible writing that I’ve done in my entire life when it comes to the Kardashians and y’all will still choose to click on that rather than, say, this video about Bros who work out by doing gymnastics on a bridge instead of going to the gym. That video is actually “Bro,” and yet the shit post I wrote about Kylie Jenner getting offered millions of dollars to make a porno with Tyga got way more clicks. Way more.

In case I haven’t made my point clear, we post what you people click on, and you people click on the Kardashians. Don’t want any more Kardashians? Cool, neither do we – SO STOP CLICKING ON THEM.



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