This Is How You Safely Land A Plane When Both Pilots Are Unconscious, According To A Pilot

When you break them down, airplanes are really just metal tubes of death carrying upwards of 50+ people. Granted, air travel is the safest mode of transportation (think of all the plane crashes you’ve seen in the news, then consider how many people die from driving every day) but when you go and see videos of intense turbulence with people flying all over the place…yeah. Might not be such a bad idea to at least acquaint yourself with how to land a plane on your own, right?

Enter commercial pilot Tim Morgan, who explains in the above video how to land a Boeing 737. Ideally you’ll never be in a situation where the information in this video is necessary – but who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next Chesley Sullenberger, minus the pilot’s license.

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