Meet The Watchmaker Creating Timepieces That Will Last Longer Than Any Of Us

It’s easy to take the world around us for granted. The planes that fly us from location to location, the running water flowing in and out of our homes, the cell phone technology that works every time.

Cameron Weiss is a watchmaker, a profession that dates back as far as the 15th century. Becoming a master artisan in timepieces is a skill Weiss has worked toward his entire life. He’s traveled to Switzerland, trained under some of the greatest watchmakers on Earth, and returned to the US to train under some of the best in this country.

Weiss’s painstaking work of creating signature timepieces is often taken for granted. People fail to stop and think that timepiece ideas come from a human mind passionate about the not just how the piece looks but how it works without fail.

Presented by Coors Banquet, the inaugural episode of Human is Weiss’s story and the work that, ironically, keeps him ticking.