Bro Hits The Streets Pretending To Be ‘Humans Of New York’ And Proves How Basic New Yorkers Have Become



Here we see some bro named Tyler pretending to be the photographer behind ‘Humans of New York’ and asking people to take their photos on the street.

If you’re not familiar with Humans of New York you can check it out here (but wait until after the video), it’s basically a photoblog that massages New Yorker’s empire sized egos into thinking their stories are intriguing. This dude flips it on these folks, and in the process he shows how basic 99.9% of New Yorkers really are.

Oh, your story isn’t real? Doesn’t matter.

Your photo sucks? It’s cool, we’ll just doctor it.

If you’re in love with Humans of New York that’s cool, I just want you to know how very basic of you that is, and how every other New Yorker on the street is too… But if being unoriginal is your prerogative that’s cool, do your thing.


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