Humpback Whale Surfaces Just Feet From A Fishing Boat, Scares Everyone Aboard

Though you never get a full view of the fishing boat it’s obvious that it is NOT a large vessel. The deck isn’t very high off the ground, the railing is moderately low, and the waves sent off by that humpback whale in relation to any markers we can see on the boat are MASSIVE. So it’s easy to see why the men aboard that fishing boat were shitting their pants when a GINORMOUS humpback whale surfaced right next to them.

I can’t even imagine seeing something so large and impressive up close like that. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime sight, and it’s even more unbelievable that they had the camera rolling when it breached right there. I guess they must’ve seen that whale coming from about a mile away and were ready for it, but still, that’s one hell of a clip.

According to UPI, this took place somewhere off the Langara Island coast in British Columbia waters.

(h/t UPI)…

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