Couple Buys Package Of Lettuce At The Grocery Store Only To Find A Venomous Abomination From Hell (Video)

Call me a rube, but I’ve always assumed that when you purchase some pre-washed lettuce in a sealed package from the grocery store that the items inside of that bag would be limited to nothing more than some lettuce leaves. That is NOT what this couple received. They got lettuce AND THEN SOME.

As you can see above that ‘some’ is of course referring to a gigantic Huntsman Spider, one of the most feared spiders in all of Australia due to its aggressive nature. In fact, the Huntsman Spider’s become one of the most iconic spiders worldwide due to being an aggressive asshole, and one that sneaks into places it has no business being.

If I were this couple I’d be calling every lawyer in town, taking bids on who thinks they could me me the fattest settlement from the lettuce company AND the grocery store. We’re not talking some random strands of hair found in the food, this is a venomous-as-fuck spider that’s inside of a sealed package. They put those customers in harm’s way, and those customers are about to GET PAID.