The Hurricane Warning Issued For Florida Looks Like A Big Messed Up Dick (Just Sayin’)

Hurricane Hermine is about to make landfall around Tallahassee, Florida and the meteorologists at WJXT issued this warning for the Gulf Coast.

That look like a dick to you? Looks like a messed up dick to me.

Commenters on Facebook had a blast with the picture.

“I’m no weather man but you can expect a few inches tonight”

“Should we consult someone if it lasts for more then 4 hours?”

“Looks like it’s time to bring out the rubbers! Ya know, boots, jackets, ect…”

“Slight curvature of the subject tells scientists it will likely blow right over our heads.”

The post currently has over 40,000 comments on it, all of which are some of the same variation of dick joke.

As someone pointed out, this is the first Facebook thread that doesn’t involve a single person ripping on someone else.

Dick jokes bring us all together.

Meanwhile, our Cass is live from storm central, sharing videos.

Give him a follow (@casspa) for all your storm needs.

[H/T Eric B]