The Latest Teen Trend In Mexico Is Like The Ice Bucket Challenge But Involves Snorting Cocaine Instead

In case you don’t speak Spanish or you’re just an idiot, allow me to explain what is happening in that lovely video above.

You see the girl up there? She is doing something kind of like the Ice Bucket challenge but instead of dumping a bucket’s worth of ice on her, she’s is snorting cocaine up her nose and then nominating a friend (or friends) to do it next. Also, I’m fairly certain ALS isn’t benefiting from this in any way.

According to Mirror:

The internet fad from Mexico is being shared on several social media sites and even had its own Facebook page until it was deleted by the company.

The challenge, called ‘Reto del pasesito’, requires nominees to apparently snort a white powder on camera before nominating others.

Alongside the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, the caption reads: “This is a new challenge among young socialites which consists of ingesting cocaine.”

What’s next for these young, rich kids? When they finally get bored of bragging on camera about all the cocaine they snort, will they all graduate to the Russian Roulette challenge? Might have to host some of those videos on